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2 Sisters Packing in Greenville, SC

2 Sisters Packing in Greenville, SC

2 Sisters Packing in Greenville, SC2 Sisters Packing in Greenville, SC2 Sisters Packing in Greenville, SC

 Residential & Commercial packing service,


Residential & Commercial Packing Service

Residential & Commercial Packing Service

Residential & Commercial Packing Service

Over 10 years packing experience. Our commitment to our clients is a less stressful and seamless packing  experience. From a one bedroom flat, large home, small business office to a huge corporation packing is our business. 

We service, Greenville County, Anderson County, Pickens County,   Oconee County &  Spartanburg County. 



Residential & Commercial Packing Service

Residential & Commercial Packing Service

Everyone knows moving is a very stressful & daunting task. We feel that a pleasant packing environment makes for a less stressful experience. 2 Sisters Packing will make your next move faster, more efficient with a turn-key smooth packing process.  


Other Great Services

Residential & Commercial Packing Service

Other Great Services

* Un-packing Service

Clients often ask if we unpack? Yes we do! For those that don't have the time, means or unable to unpack due to health issues we are here for you. 

* Seniors Relocation 

Helping senior relocate from family residence to Independent living or assistant living. De-cluttering, Organization & down sizing are all a part of a stress free packing experience.  

* Home Re-Design and Organization

Are you in need of a home makeover? Getting organized while re-designing is what we do. Creating the perfect home environment for you can be achieved. We are excited to offer home re-design, a service that takes your exciting home furnishings & accessories then reconfigure and replacement for a more uniformed and comfortable home setting. A more organized home feels better and is more comfortable as well as appealing. We have a passion for decorating and organization and it shows in my work. We have help many people and recommendations and references upon request. Let us decorate and organize your home, or get your home ready to sell. 

* Staging Service

Did you know it only takes three seconds to make a first impression? Studies show that homes professionally staged sell faster, attract more buyers and command a higher selling price. We begin by creating maximum buyer appeal. We will prepare, stage & transform your entire home each home thoroughly cleaned and organized to eliminate clutter. Next we reexamine style and decor, and preposition for proper placement for balance and flow for the best visual impact. This process ends up at curbside, the first things buyers will see when the arrive at your home. 

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2 Sisters Packing is a residential and commercial packing service. Everyone knows moving is a very stressful & daunting task, from a one bedroom flat to a full 6 bedroom home,and more so with a small business office to a huge corporation. This can be overwhelming to say the least. We offer a solution to this process. Movers need everything ready to be loaded onto the truck on the day they arrive, If not done, you could be paying more for the move due to the fact that they will have to pack it themselves for much more money, with the moving time extended or the time line for your move will be pushed back until it is done. Your stress level just went up!!

2 Sisters Packing will come in and pack everything into boxes with care, mark boxes for easy unpacking at your destination. Nothing worse than having to open 20 boxes before you find which box what you are needing is in, Yikes!  You supply boxes, tape, paper and bubble wrap.. why you may ask, we are about saving you time and money, you can buy these items much cheaper yourself,  than you can get them for the moving company. We will arrive and start packing quickly and efficiently. We feel that a pleasant packing environment makes for a less stressful experience. 2 Sisters Packing is ready and happy to help you with your next move, if it is just around the corner or out of state.

We want to bring a less stressful, caring and passionate experience to our clients. We started out helping the elderly moving from their family home into independent or assistant living. Helping them downsize along with packing their home for the movers, and then unpacking their belonging and setting up their new home. This is very rewarding to help those who couldn't do the move without our help. 2 Sisters Packing has then moved along with the elderly clients to homes across the upstate, businesses & corporations.  

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Other Great Services

Moving Relocation Packing and Unpacking

De-Cluttering & Organization

Special Occasions Cleaning

Relocation Cleaning

Foreclosure Cleaning & Clean Outs

Where you can find us..

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Can you pack a houseboat?


If I don't have a moving company, Can you recommend one for me?


What services have you provided to help seniors? 

We have helped a lot of senior moving from their home to independent living or assistant living. In a couple of cases, our client was not able to move in right away and had no means in which to get thing together. 2 Sisters Packing, were there when the truck arrived made sure all things were loaded onto truck, followed the truck to their new location and made sure the movers unloaded the entire truck and placed furniture etc into their new space, Then 2 Sisters Packing put everything away and got their new home completely ready so when they walked in their home is was like they had been their forever. Just a sample of what we can do.

What other services do you provide?

2 Sisters Packing provides other great services just a few are listed here:

Packing & Un-packing

De-cluttering & Organizing 


Foreclosure Cleaning & Clean-outs

Holiday Cleaning & Decorating

Famous People that have used us....


We Have Had The Horror ......


Although we have packed hundreds of great and wonderful people, we do get famous people that use us to pack them in upstate of SC.

Shelly Hamilton:

Well know pianist, Composer, Arranger & Recording Producer 

Ron Hamilton:

Internationally known composer, Writer, Singer, Speaker & Children's Book Ministries Patch the Pirate.

Dr. Frank Garlock:

Well known Conducting, Theory, Orchestration, Composition, Music Ministry Administration, Majesty Music.

Flora Garlock:

Pianist, Hymn Playing Stylings.

K'Von Wallace:

Clemson quarter Back.

Caroline Forsyth Elischer:

Daughter of Internationally known William Forsyth Curator Emeritus of Medieval Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Cloisters & Actor. 

Tony Hamby:

Race car driver #23

Rob Kidnay:

TV Reality Show The Biggest Loser of final Season

(2) International Basketball players:

Names withheld




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